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Always at Height!!!

«Prom Alp Kazakhstan»

  • Legal address: Azattyk avenue 95 / 7, Atyrau, index-060005, RoK
  • Actual address: Azattyk avenue 67 B. office #24, Atyrau, index-060005, RoK
  • Sertificate of reregistration: Series: 09915 #0074048 as of 05.12.2011
  • TRN: 151010974724
  • P/a in AF AO «Alyans Bank» No KZ819650000037976086 / SWIFT: IRTYKZKA
  • Tel. Fax: 8 - (7122) - 95-30-59 / 32-65-65 / 25-18-66
  • Mob. 8–701–257–79–88 / 8-707-257-79-88 / 8–701–663–79-33
  • Our site: http://promalp-kz.at.ua E-mail: Prom_Alp_KZ@mail.ru


    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

    An industrial climbing is a special method of carrying out works at height at municipal, industrial and other facilities whereas the workplace is accessible by ascending or descending with the use of a rope or another travel modes ensuring safety (belay). Almost each of our works at height requiring maximum concentration and attention is deemed to be an exclusive work. An industrial climbing method helps our clients to reduce costs for carrying out works at height by several times. An industrial climber is able to commence with works at height within several hours while installation of access platforms and scaffoldings may take several weeks.

    Particularity of industrial climbing process

    ·  Absence of scaffolds, platforms, access platforms, stages, ladders.

    ·  Possibility to carry out works at any height and areas unreachable by lifting mechanisms.

    ·  Compacted and mobile tools and equipment.

    ·  Professionally trained stuff.

    ·  Various types of works and separate activities.

    Advantages of industrial climbing process

    ·  Economy of time for mounting and dismantling of auxiliary means.

    ·  Lack of option. Minimum load on the facility structures.

    ·  Mobility of the working crew.

    ·  High quality of work, zero accidents rate.

    ·  Absence of legislative difficulties during conclusion of the contract.

    ·  Opportunity to carry out various works at the facility by one multi functional crew.

    The main aspect – a good performance!!!

    Profits of industrial climbing process

    ·  Principle opportunity to carry out particularly complicated works.

    ·  No additional wastes for transportation, deployment and servicing of tools and equipment is needed.

    ·          No separate professions are needed.

    ·          Significant economy of your time and resources.



    100 and 1reason to address to us

    Re the company: Our company is among the first started an industrial climbing in the Republic of Kazakhstan and is successfully working in this direction for 10 years already. Meanwhile the company has developed it’s the level to a team full of professionals ready to lead the market of professional industrial climbing services in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our flexible price policy and system of discounts in relation to a VIP-CLASS service will significantly and positively astonish you!!!

    We have developed technical documentation and passed an accreditation in many international companies requiring European standards and who are our partners now. For example ‘Plan of Work Organization and Method Statement with System of Risk Assessment and Actions in Emergency Situation’.

    We are working on entire territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are ready to work abroad.

    We are a company only one in Atyrau and one of a few in Kazakhstan who selects, trains and probates the personnel.

    We are a company only one in Atyrau and one of a few in Kazakhstan who has a certificate on industrial climbing and qualified books of industrial climbers allowing us legally work in the market of works at height.

    We conduct continuous monitoring of the air temperature and wind speed with special probes, wind meters in order to carry out works safely.

    We think and worry not only for our employees and Client’s employees, not only for our property and the property of the Client, but also for third persons and their properties which may occasionally appear in the zone of industrial risk, i.e. the working place. We are insured from all the risks. We have not only ‘an obligatory insurance of all employees’ but also «policy of insurance of third persons and their properties ».

    Our professional skills and experiences: knowledge of the process and peculiarities of the work and relevant regulations and documentation when carrying out works at height; acceptance, First Aid provisions; instructions to use ropes, cords and climbing equipment safely during works at height; means and principles of manual and mechanical hoists operation, radio connection, signals and the order of their application interfering with the workers, drivers of lifting mechanisms; rules of application and main features of cords, ropes and cables connection knots; organization of ascending and descending systems of people and load at height, transferring in unsupported space using a climbing equipment and structure elements.

    Our employees: professionals with great experience. Trained licensed and certified according to the following programs:

    Governmental norms, standards and regulations

    Health and Safety

    Application of climbing technique and equipment

    Types of injuries and methods of First Aid provision

    Labor safety and electric safety

    Our employees undergo certification and recertification at specialized training centers every year.

    Our stuff consists of employees with required attestation and permits authorizing them to be responsible for carrying out works at height at the facilities and permitting them to carry put works at high industrial and municipal facilities using technical means and climbing appliances.

    Our employees are equipped with radios.

    Our employees are trained in the ‘Rescuers Training Center of Kazakhstan ’, ‘Rescuers Union in Kazakhstan’.

    Our employees are the members of «Rescuers Corpus – of Volunteers».

    We carry out rescue operations individually or in cooperation with authorized bodies like DES or MES when required.

    Our outfit: professional equipment directly for industrial climbing is manufactured in Czech Republic, France and Russia. Is certified and have 3 years guarantee from the manufacturer and is updated every year.

    Our equipment: professional electric, measuring and instrument equipment produced in Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, France, England and Kazakhstan is certified and have a guarantee of manufacturer plant also is updated every year.

    We have special vehicles with a mark of distinction and a special pass for operative and unstopped access to the place of work.

    Our special clothes: we have various summer, winter and inter-seasonal special clothes. A standard set is special clothing for carrying out works at height safely with 100% of protected body. Holiday clothes differ from other standard examples with needled bright fiber as a «spaider men» (see. photo). Meanwhile it fully maintains safety functions of standard special clothes. Additionally our employees have a form of chevron, buttonhole and the mark of rescuers, volunteers from central office of MES.

    Our work principles: safety, quality, exclusive approach to the client and his tasks, punctuality, disciplinary record, mobility, conformity of the tasks, determination to an ideal positive result as possible!!!

    Our company is equipped with maximum administrative-material-technical-human recourses.

    We have all required regulations and documentation to carry out works at height.

    Main aspects:

    ·       Perfect Health and Safety during works performance!!!

    ·       Perfect organization and quality of work performance!!!

    ·       Legal documented confirmation and maintaining all listed!!!

    We know that clearness, esthetic view and a safe front face of office center, shop, trade-entertaining or administrative center, hotels or banks is a visiting card and face of the company.

    Usually nearly
    50% of costs for maintenance of front face in an ideal condition are due to the installation and movement of scaffoldings, installing construction access platforms and rent of expensive car lift.

    The company ‘Prom Alp Kazakhstan’ carries out works by industrial climbing method which allows decreasing significantly costs of our clients.

    Often depending on the form, sizes and other factors
    , window wash, repair of front face, assembling of boards can be implemented only by industrial climbers undergone professional training and using special inventory, equipment and cleansers.

    Unlike the companies of wide range of the activities this activity is our basic. Our specialists carry out works by industrial climbing method every day not occasionally. If specialists are not busy enough and are working once in a way their qualification is inescapably decreases.

    Our company will be glad to cooperate with
    you and take a complex decision on cleaning, repairing and maintenance of the front face of your building.

    Having a huge experience
    of all types of works at height and a well-formed team we will select an optimal decision to perform tasks individually for you.

    Safe and qualified performance of work
    at a high level and in due dates are ensured by means of a large base of materials and qualified specialists of different directions.

    Our clients
    In time of activity our company provides and is to provide works at the facilities such as:

    1. Hotels ‘Marriot’ and ‘Renaissance’ Atyrau, Aktau
    2. Company ‘N.C. Production Operations Company B.V. (NCPOC)’
    3. River port, Atyrau
    4. Agip Company
    5. Shell company
    6. Caspian Pipeline Consortium ‘CPC’
    7. TRK ‘Atyrau’
    8. ‘Isker’ Company
    9. ILH ‘Ardager’
    10. Halliburton Company
    11.  LC ‘Kulager Zhaik’
    12.  BC «Severn Stars»
    13.  Atyrau Heating and Power Center
    14.  University after Yesenov, Aktau
    15.  Atyrau Hotel
    16.  Auto show ‘Toyota Center’, ‘Zhannel’
    17. ‘KazKom Bank’, ‘BTA Bank’

    And many, many others.

    Once made use of our services these and many other companies
    became our permanent partners. Now the matter depends on you!


    We provide a wide range of services.
    You can get acquainted with an expanded list in the section ‘our services’.
    In case you did not find an interesting service for you in the list we will do you a personal suggestion!

    For more information, please make a call or write on our e-mail. Contacts:

    tel. Fax:  8 - (7122)  - 95 – 30 – 59 / 32 – 65 - 65  / 25 – 18 – 66 

    Mob. tel:  8 - 701 – 257 – 79 – 88 / 8 – 707 – 257 – 79 – 88 / 8 – 701 – 663 – 79 - 33

    Our Company site: http://promalp-kz.at.ua/

    E-mail: Prom Alp KZ@mail.ru

    Our Services