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Our services

Cleaning services

Planned washing of vertical windows
Planned washing of horizontal windows
Post construction washing of windows (mechanical removal of cement, plaster, joint compound from windows, etc.)
Post construction washing of windows (with acids and caustic)
Washing  of signs and banners
Washing of neon lamps and other fragile elements
Cleaning of metal structures, frames and air ducts
cleaning of the roof and channels from snow, ice and trash
Cleaning of benches, balcony and rain water cistern from ice, icicles
Cleaning of the front face from cement-sand mud
Cleaning of marble, granite etc..

Assembling works at height

Rain water pipe installation
Assembling metal structures
Mounting/dismantling of external blocks of air conditioners
Mounting/dismantling of air ducts
Mounting/dismantling of casting, covers
Mounting/dismantling of banner systems (with assembling of metal structures)
Mounting of bearing banner systems (without assembling of metal structures)
Installation of light boxes
laying the cable (horizontally/vertically)
Installation of lightning protectors and lightning conductors
Replacement of double glass panes
Mounting system of snow melting
Mounting of snow shields

Mounting, dismantling and repair of air conditioners

Replacement of electric lamps in the system of frontal lighting

Frontal works

Cleaning of front face
Painting of roof
Painting of frontal face
Painting of metal structures
Painting of window frames and grids
Plastering of window slopes
Heating of frontal face with expandable polystyrene, min. cotton
Repair of balcony
Repair of cracks in the front
sealing of interpanel joints

Review of frontal elements for defects. Fixation of defects (as a proving basis) is shown on photo and video.

Other services with application of climbing techniques

Lifting of cargo with different weight and sizes
Assisting in organization of show programs
provision of safe tricks
Irregular congratulations, delivery of flowers and presents through the window

Also we provide ANY INDIVIDUAL works at height!!!!

Advantages of cooperation with us:

- payment mode convenient for you
форма оплаты
- flexible system of discounts
- individual approach
- accuracy and efficiency
- a huge experience in work performance
- an optimal ratio of price and quality

The last time the market of industrial climbing service was filled with many new and doubtful companies. This is generally not local organizations and private persons that can not or do not want to waste time and recourses to comply with legal and technical safety during works at height. Generally price rates in such companies are not always lower than the market prices.

                                Please remember!!!!

Such work has a high level of hazard as for the workers and third persons so for the Clients and the facility owners. Works at height are always visible by mass media, different specialists and simple fraudsters under control of relevant bodies responsible for industrial safety!!!        

Cooperation with such companies and people has negative consequences as for them so for you equally!!!


Please, pay attention that there is a range of regulatory documentation on industrial safety granting the right to carry out works ate height.

This is primarily:

The order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the republic of Kazakhstan No 235 dated July 8, 2010

On additions to the order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the republic of Kazakhstan No 219 dated 29 December, 2008

It is by no means an entire list of minimum required regulatory documentation for organization of works at height by industrial climbing method.

Our company absolutely complies with all these and other requirements and regulations, and many other companies do not comply with them!!!

Are you ready to risk with your personal reputation and reputation of your company?

Are you ready to take responsibility of the other person?

Are you ready to break the low and risk with your freedom?

The main aspect!!! What the purpose of these risks???

Do not make yourself liable to unreasonable risk!!!

Before you wish to cooperate with another company offering you to carry out works at height, please contact to us and we will consult you for FREE with great pleasure!!!                                    

Services Price List

Attention!!!  There is a flexible system of discounts!!!

Every work is an exclusive! Respectively the prices for the services provided by us depend from many factors of the task.
1.1. Scope of work
1.2. Dirtiness of the surface
1.3. Vertical scope
1.4. Horizontal scope
1.5. Complexity to access the working zone. Complexity of architectural construction of the building. Availability or absence of fixation on the roof and front face of the facility. Natural and many other factors e\influencing on wasted recourses and time for work execution.

Please contact us for objective information on cost of required services:


Azattik avenue, 67 B. office. No 24РK Atyrau, RoK,

Tel. Fax:  8 - (7122)  - 95 – 30 – 59 / 32 – 65 - 65  / 25 – 18 – 66 

Mob. tel :  8 - 701 – 257 – 79 – 88 / 8 – 707 – 257 – 79 – 88 / 8 – 701 – 663 – 79 - 33

Our company site: http://promalp-kz.at.ua/

e-mail: Prom Alp KZ@mail.ru


Our partners:

‘Rescuers Union of Kazakhstan

Rescuers Training Center of Kazakhstan

‘Rescuers Corpus – Volunteers’

‘Expert Prom Service’ Company

Equipment fabrication and sales Companies ‘Petzl’, ‘Vento’, ‘Tindon’, ‘Red Fox’, ‘Limpopo’.

Insurance company ‘Kommesk Omir’